Poonam & DenaPoonam & Dena: 09.06.2014

Online Photo Album!

Thank You!!

Thank you, family and friends, for coming out to Three Oaks on 09.06.2014 to share our special night! We had a fantastic time celebrating with you at Journeyman Distillery, and hope all of you had a blast as well. For those who were not able to make the trip: we appreciate your support and well wishes!

Wedding Photos

We are happy to share moments from our Chicago City Hall wedding on 04.26.2014 and the Three Oaks celebration on 09.06.2014 in an online Flickr photo album!!

You can also see a full set of event photos and order prints on Becky Brown Photography’s Pictage site. (Tip: use the category listing under the “Photos” navigation item to jump to the photos you’re most interested in seeing.)

If you took photos during the event, we’d love to see them! Feel free to share on Facebook, or


For anyone who missed the slideshow of partially embarrassing photos from the wedding celebration, here it is again!

Special Thanks

  • Our parents, Pankaj & Sudevi Thaker and Nick & Deanna van der Wal, for their unwavering love and support
  • Scott van der Wal, for officiating the ceremony and being a fantastic brother
  • Sudevi Thaker, for guiding the Indian ceremony details and leading the Ganesh prayer
  • Satyen Thaker, for traveling all the way from India and arriving in a particularly cinematic fashion
  • Jill van der Wal, for helping organize and set up for the event AND wrangling the flower kids
  • Judah & Zoe van der Wal, for being the cutest flower kids EVER. (…those garlands were heavy!)
  • Kalyan Pathak & Vikas Deo for the live sarod & tabla music
  • Scott Bassett (DJ Weekends) for rocking the music AND not playing any song with the word “funky” in the title
  • Journeyman Distillery, for the lovely space and fantastic cocktails
  • Pleasant House Three Oaks, for the delicious food and attention to detail
  • Greenbush Brewing, for making exceptional beer, and tapping+growlering the leftover kegs so nothing went to waste!
  • Simply the Best Catering, for event expertise, supplies, and staff
  • Becky Brown Photograpy for capturing the moments so beautifully!
  • The State of Michigan and the weather in September, for cooperating with our plans!

Thank you again for an unforgettable evening!

— Dena & Poonam


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