Poonam & DenaPoonam & Dena: 09.06.2014


Since we’ve had a home together for quite a while, we are not in need of dishes or toasters or most of the things that are traditionally given to new couples. What we want most is to bring our friends and family together to celebrate this joyous occasion with us: having you there will be present enough!

That said, we know some of our relatives are enthusiastic gift-givers, and we might end up with six blenders unless we provide some direction. If you really would like to get us something tangible, here are a few alternative gift registry options:

1. SimpleRegistry.com

Want to help us build a “Michigan House” in Lakeside or contribute towards the purchase of a chainsaw? Visit our registry on SimpleRegistry.com.
Registry password: vanderthaker

2. SoKindRegistry.org

Feeling Charitable? Have a skill to share? Visit our registry on SoKindRegistry.org.
Registry password: vanderthaker

** We ask that no boxed gifts be brought to the event, as they will likely be danced on or misplaced.

Thank You!

— Dena & Poonam


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